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About the Conference

Plants and microbes play a vital role in providing essential resources for humanity's survival. They offer sustenance, shelter, medicines, and the life-sustaining oxygen we breathe. Moreover, they contribute to a cleaner environment and serve as the foundation for various aspects of our lives. Today, we harness the power of plant and microbial technology in innovative ways to develop therapeutic products for medicine, create resilient crops for agriculture, particularly in the realm of pest control and nutraceuticals, and explore numerous other applications. Another rapidly emerging field within the realm of Biological Sciences is the exploration of microbes for their potential in medicine, agriculture, pest management, nutraceuticals, and more.

This approach is revolutionizing its applications in agriculture and food technology. The focus of this conference is to spotlight new inventions, process developments, and the applications of plant and microbial sciences for the betterment of humanity. The event is designed to provide a collaborative platform for researchers and academics to delve into the current state of products and technologies rooted in plants and microbes, as well as their promising future prospects. This conference will feature a series of presentations by distinguished speakers and experts from various disciplines, along with research presented through both oral and poster presentations. The overarching scientific themes to be addressed in the conference include:

  1. Innovative applications of plant and microbial-based products.
  2. Advancements in therapeutic products and technologies.
  3. Breakthroughs in disease and stress-resistant crop development.
  4. Pest management strategies and their impact on agriculture.
  5. Exploring the potential of nutraceuticals.
  6. Bio prospecting of microbes for diverse fields such as medicine and agriculture.
  7. Plant, microbes and Nano-biotechnology
  8. Microbial based products and Molecular farming
  9. Beneficial products from lower and higher plants
  10. New Medicinal and aromatics plant research
  11. Plant and Microbes entrepreneur’s development

We look forward to the enlightening discussions and insights that will be shared during this conference, with the ultimate goal of advancing our understanding and utilization of plant and microbial sciences for the betterment of society.

Targeted Participants

  • Faculty members/Scientist/Industry Person
  • Research Scholars/Ph D Students
  • UG and PG Students

Registration Process

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